VeloxSim™ Particles - Plugin for Rhino3D Integrated with Nvidia FleX Physics Engine

Versatile CAD meets Powerful Real-time Physics Engine

Fast Interactive Design

Change the design interactively and see the effects instantly!

Easy To Use

Super easy to setup, few buttons to click!

No Material Calibrations

We have calibrated for you. It's either sticky ore or not!

Interactive Rapid Prototyping in a CAD Environment

Change your geometry on the fly and the particle flow will update instantly.

Easy-to-use Simple GUI for Setup

Just a few clicks to set up a simulation and away you go!

No Parameters Tuning

We have adjusted the parameters to represent a realistic sticky bulk material flow so you don't have to! A free-flowing model is included.

A benchmark case study

Real-life use cases and examples

Some DEMO videos of VeloxSim™ in action

What people are saying...

Vu Nguyen (Senior Mechanical Designer - Worley - Rio Tinto Western Range Project)

"VeloxSim™ was easy to use from the start. Minimal training was required and within a week I was able to model, see the ore flow through transfer chute, modified on the fly and create videos for others to review."

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